My 5 favourite sewing things

February 21, 2018

A roundup of the top 5 sewing things I am currently happy about. Some are new things; some are regular essentials. This post is part inspiration and tips for you, and part insight into the heart behind The Stitchery Sewing Studio.

Fabric delights

I have been selecting lots of delicious fabric for Spring 2018. Some of my favourites include the linen cotton canvas with insect print (top right), the intense florals from RJR Studio (bottom left), and the graphic prints of designer Latifah Saafir (top left). One of Saafir’s prints is currently being worked into a jacket I’m making (see more on Instagram). Also, I love our rainbow wall of Cotton+Steel Basics (bottom right). Our students have worked these simple modern prints into fabric bags, quilt designs, and skirts so far. What would you make with them?

My iron

I love the Black & Decker Digital D2030 irons we have at the studio. They heat up quickly, give a good press on the right setting, and the switch off automatically. The weight is heavy enough for an even iron and light enough to move easily.
​I always have the iron on and ready to go when I am 
sewing. The more I press during the process the better the finished item will look.

Little snips

A small pair of beautiful embroidery scissors follows me around the studio as I sew. First, it is important to surround yourself with beautiful things. Second, there is always a stray thread needing trimmed.
Rumour has it that there may be some unicorn embroidery scissors coming to the Stitchery shop pretty soon. Keep your eyes open!


I can’t help it – I love buttons. A well chosen button can perfect your garment. There is something inherently sortable about buttons. Sorting buttons takes me to my happy place with little piles of matching colours and sizes. Also, I enjoy making fabric-covered buttons. There is joy in finding the little stories and pictures hiding in the fabric prints. 
​You can find a variety of buttons in the shop including beautiful hand-stitched coat buttons by Jessica Hurd.

Cup of Tea

Ok so not actually a “sewing thing” but tea is part of my sewing practice. In fact it is part of my hospitality practice too. When you come to a class or even drop in I will put the kettle on for a brew. It’s my way of saying you are welcome here as a friend. Back home in Northern Ireland drinking tea in someone’s home is the social fabric of life. This is something I miss in this “Starbucks” culture. So I will welcome you to the Stitchery with a cup of tea as a symbol of the  warmth of our hospitality. Make yourself at home.
What are your favourite sewing things this season? Comment below or drop by and tell me over a cup of tea.

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