Class Levels

1. Intro: Our Intro to Sewing and Quilting classes are designed for those with no experience or who want a refresher on their basic skills.

2. Beginner: Our Beginner classes are designed for those who want to build their basic skills in sewing, quilting, embroidery, or handcrafts like felting.

3. Beyond Beginner (or Confident Beginner): Beyond Beginner classes bring in more complex beginner skills. They require a knowledge of simple sewing machine techniques like sewing a straight seam or corner.

4. Intermediate: Intermediate classes teach pattern knowledge and more complicated skills. If you have some projects under your belt already then these classes are for you.

5. Advanced: Advanced classes teach complex techniques and more involved projects in garment making or quilting. You should have completed some intermediate level projects or classes before taking an Advanced class.

6. Masterclass: Masterclasses develop professional level skills in garment making or quilting. Please contact us to confirm you have the pre-requisite skills to join a masterclass.