What are some of the key techniques every patchwork quilter should master? Here are some tips to get you started on achieving that perfect finish. 1. Match colours and patterns. Lay out your fabrics beforehand in a bright light (preferably daylight) to check how the colours match up. Your colour palette can be drawn from one chosen fabric or from a selection of 2 or 3. Limiting your palette to 3 dominant colours will make life easier and the overall piece more cohesive.Patterns should be balan […]

Warning: this story is honest and may be emotional for some. Our Strawberry Tea Party on Saturday is not a promotional stunt. I raise money to support those living through cancer because it is often brutal, painful, and life-changing.My mum died in 1997. She had suffered through cancer several times. In fact she was ill for a lot of my childhood although I don’t remember. She was so good at hiding the pain and suffering. I remember the wig and the jokes about hair loss. Most of all I rem […]

The easy sunglasses case. Making a sunglasses case is a practical summer project that is easy enough for beginners. Know a young person who is eager to learn to sew? Or perhaps you have a few hours and want to exercise your creative muscles?Try one of the free patterns with instructions listed below and you too will be able to respond to compliments with, “Why thank you. I made it myself.”We have lots of bright, colourful fabrics in store that are perfect for this project. Come in to the s […]

Part 1 introduced you to Samantha and her shop Willow and Wallflower. In Part 2 of our nosy around the neighbourhood explore the treasures to be found in Around My House Consignment Store.On the corner of Mary and St. John’s lives a long-time consignment store playing its part in a sustainable economy. The shop has had many owners through the years. The current owner, Heather, has saved many treasures from being discarded. Her eye for style and quality means you will find good stuff here. T […]

I would like to show you some of the delights I have found in my neighbourhood. Let’s call it a neighbourhood nosy. I hope you will find something to enjoy and explore here.​In Part 1 discover Canadian made artisan goods. Around the corner from The Stitchery is Willow & Wallflower Home Decor. Owner Samantha MacDonald displays an eclectic selection of handmade and artisan goods from ce […]

My 5 favourite sewing things

February 21, 2018

A roundup of the top 5 sewing things I am currently happy about. Some are new things; some are regular essentials. This post is part inspiration and tips for you, and part insight into the heart behind The Stitchery Sewing Studio. Fabric delights I have been selecting lots of delicious fabric for Spring 2018. Some of my favourites include the linen cotton canvas with insect print (top right), the intense florals from RJR Stu […]

Well finished seams are key to achieving a professional look. Do it well and it makes your piece. Here are 5 tips to sewing a perfect seam on a sewing machine. 1. First, press, press, press. The more you take time to iron your fabric and your seam the better your finished piece will turn out. Iron your fabric before you start. Press your seam flat open or towards one direction. Often, vertical garment seams will be pressed towards the centre back. Check the pattern for instructions. 2. Align, […]