The Modern Quilt Bible - book review

The Modern Quilt Bible - book review

We asked our staff for comments on this new book on our shelf: Modern Quilt Bible by Elizabeth Betts. Here is what they said.

 “The Modern Quilt Bible gets this quilter's approval. It has all the info and none of the rambling that some books have. The instructions are perfect for any level of sewist, but I think the options for doing each step in a couple of different methods is the best. All of my personal favourite methods were in there. And it's not just for Modern Quilters!”

 “I love the colourful, clear diagrams that accompany each project. It’s full of fun exercises to get me thinking out of the box. It helps me discover the possibilities of modern quilting.”

 “What I love about this book is the creative inspiration it encourages in all quilters, both modern and traditional, encouraging them to think about different ways of doing things. Specifically, I was inspired by the suggestions relating to updating traditional designs in a new and unexpected way. The way the Log Cabin block was experimented with on page 57 was intriguing and the concept of interrupting a block on page 76 was very interesting. Also, the mood board on page 86 is a really cute idea of different ways to develop a theme or present an idea.”

You can find the Modern Quilt Bible in store in Port Moody or on our website.