“Making is generative; it is
stress-relieving, and it builds
meaningful memories.”

Come and join us for some tea and sewing.


Jill Schuler



We're here to encourage, educate, resource and inspire you. Our shop is full of handpicked fabrics and notions; each with a story ready for you to take and make your own.
Our classroom is a warm, welcoming space for you gather, learn and create.

Our Story

I'm Jill, the founder of The Stitchery. When we opened the shop and studio in 2017 it was a new step in a longer journey of creatively encouraging others.

We want to make modern, quality fabrics and education accessible to everyone. Our goal is to make you feel at home in our shop and studio as much as you do in your own kitchen.

Making is important. It uplifts us, it heals us, it brings joy and satisfaction in the work of our hands. Wearing your own me-made garments or showing off a me-made quilt is that feeling of satisfaction realised.

What started as a dream for one person has become a community of many.

Meet The Team

Victor Ko

Jill Schuler


“CreativiTea… FestiviTea… Stitchery… Stitching and tea. These are a few of my favourite things.” Jill is a creator of wearable arts and a teacher. She has ten years of experience as a costume designer for film, theatre, and circus. She is inspired by the textile traditions and rugged textures of her native Northern Ireland. Her other passions include reading, walking, and a good cup of tea.
Richard Bauer

Suzanne Cox


Suzanne has been sewing for herself and others for almost 20 years. Mostly self taught, she loves sewing dresses and other clothes, and has been into making bags recently. Suzanne works in our store and loves seeing what our customers are making, and connecting with our lovely sewing community.
Marin Julia

Kitka Neyedli


Kitka is a Port Moody stitcher and quilter. She loves how sewing can be mindful, mindless and meditative and is eager to share these joys with her students. A member of a local modern quilt guild, Kitka’s skills range from quilting and hand stitching to sewing home decor and clothing. Our students appreciate her depth of knowledge and focus on technique.
Marin Julia

Shanna O'Coin


Shanna is a local sewist who learned to sew from her Grandma. She sews mostly for her 3 beautiful children and occasionally for herself. She loves to bring the world of sewing to young learners. She enjoys the challenge of creating from upcycled materials and being able to use the things she makes. When she's not at the sewing machine she can be found drinking tea, reading a good book, practicing American Sign Language, and spending quality time with her family.
K.a Joben

Naomi Khan


Naomi was drawn to sewing because it requires both intellect & intuition, it produces things both practical & beautiful, and there is always something more to learn! She is happy to be part of The Stitchery team and enjoys supporting the creative pursuits of our wonderful maker community. She can also be found wandering in the mountains or gazing at the stars.
In just three hours [Jill] taught me so many tips and tricks to make my sewing easier and more professional. I was very impressed by her knowledge and expertise, as well as the space she has set up in her sewing studio. I felt welcomed and at home, laughing, talking and drinking tea like old friends, as if I was in my own living room.
Elisabeth, photographer & naval architect